In your lips... I taste all that is living.

Mission Statement

There is more to life than just working, taking care of the kids, laundry, and cleaning. That’s why we decided to name this brand Treat Cosmetics. When you shop with us we want you to zone away as you Treat yourself to the best quality, cruel free cosmetics out here. Enjoy the latest and greatest styles, colors, and beauty techniques.


Remember this experience is all about you, so go ahead and Treat yourself!

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A Wonderful Experience.

Treat Cosmetics is all about helping you with your Beauty Enhancements. Designed for you to Treat yourself with the best quality products. We will guarantee a wonderful experience throughout the day. So go ahead, Treat yourself.


Best Lipsticks for Every Occasion.

Rather you are going on a date, brunch with friends, work, an important meeting, a photoshoot, taking selfies, walking around the house, a concert, or just your everyday look, we have what you need to set your daily trend!

How are you feeling?

Love, Passion, Fiery, Energetic, Ambitious!

Sweet, Nice, Playful, Charming, Cute!

Royal, Wealthy, Expensive, Romantic, Creative!

Strong, Powerful, Elegant, Evil, Mysterious!

Loyal, Integrity, Friendly, Spiritual, Peace!

Warm, Dependable, Reliable, Down to Earth, Serious!

What color will you choose?

“Soft Spoken”




Find the Golden Ticket!

If you find the Golden Ticket in your package, you will receive a lipstick of your choice for a whole year each month for free! Just follow the instructions on the Golden Ticket to claim your Prize.

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